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Many of the most defining photographs ever taken were shot in black and white film, before color emulsions became commercially available in the 1960’s. While these images are moving in monochrome, inspired individuals dared to reimagine these shots by manually colorizing them, giving the visuals a vivid makeover.

Color photography techniques have been in existence since the beginning of photography itself, but the chemical process for its commercial production wasn’t perfected until the ’60s and ’70s, making black & white film the norm.

Some of the most powerful photographs ever taken were shot in this monochromatic medium and the meaning of those fleeting moments in time were cemented by the simplicity and straightforwardness of black and white. Certain creative minds toyed with the idea of changing history with color so here’s what chosen iconic images would like if they were modified with a few tints and hues.

Do you prefer the original or the colorized versions? Let us know what you think in the comments! See all the colorized versions in the original BuzzFeed article, 27 Photos That Have Been Recolored And Brought Back To Life.

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Sourced from BuzzFeed.

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    I prefer B&W more for the mood, greater depth of contrast, and the sheer permanence of silver. B&W can see further into shadows and highlights than your eyes with proper exposure. Colour presents more of a slice of reality at the expence of cultural weight. Greatest B&W is Kodak Tri-X, greatest colour was Kodachrome 25. Greatest depth of contrast and detail on film is Adox CMS20, but it's very slow. Nothing digital comes close.

  2. meatoyz1
    meatoyz1 ·

    this is awesome! :)

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