Spotted: Lomography on ELLE South Africa (September 2012)!


Not one, not two, but FIVE of our analogue babies were featured in last month’s issue of ELLE South Africa. Check it out!

Whether it’s from the community or from the outside, it’s no secret that we’re all for some analogue love!

So, it’s not so surprising that we were really psyched to see five our cameras featured in last month's issue of ELLE South Africa! It was even halied as one of the issue highlights!

Image via ELLE South Africa

“Besides the fact that I love taking pictures, I adore the print on the camera and its retro feel.” — Jenna Robbertse, Deputy Editor

Image via ELLE South Africa

Clockwise from left: Oktomat, Diana Mini En Rose, La Sardina Fischers Fritze, Diana F+, and La Sardina Metal Edition - Czar

Like what you see? Well, there’s plenty more where that came from! Our Online Shop has a wide variety of cameras that would fit every style and personality!

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