Take Me Home: Free Art by Sim Ahmed


“Hello, I’m a Photograph. I was put here by someone impersonating an artist. Please rescue me and in return, I promise to look damn good on your wall. Yours sincerely, Photo.”

Photo by Sim Ahmed via Aucklandia

It is one thing to share and give away your work in exchange for a fee, and it is another thing entirely to share and give away your work for free. I don’t know about you, but in our book, the latter is definitely more admirable.

Which is why we think this recent project by New Zealand-based street photographer Sim Ahmed is completely brilliant.

Photo by Sim Ahmed via Aucklandia

According to his photoblog, Aucklandia, Ahmed has made almost 500 prints of the photos that he has taken since he first dabbled into photography in June.

Since the prints would most likely gather dust in his home, he figured it would be much better off in the hands of others.

So now, he is going around the Auckland Central Business District, sticking up the photos, with a note encouraging the people to take them home.

Photo by Sim Ahmed via Aucklandia

As of this writing, three of the first five photos he put up had already been taken, and he has received thank you emails from the people who found them.

Photo by Sim Ahmed via Aucklandia

And in case you’re inspired to do the same thing in your area (and with your analogue photos, no less!), don’t worry; he’s completely cool with it. Art is meant to be shared with others, after all!

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