LomoKino Festival Movie Rumble - The Creative Odyssey!

2012-10-24 40

In such a digital-oriented era, using film to capture anything that awaits us with unexpected and unknown results has a unique value which is irreplaceable. In 2013, Lomography is going to hold a big event – the first LomoKino Festival ever in Asia – The Creative Odyssey that features LomoKino movies shot on analogue film! You’re invited to experience the long-lost medium of film photography as if we were in its heyday!

Aside from being apart of the respected audience, do you desire to have your very own LomoKino movie seen by others? You could participate in the LomoKino Festival movie rumble and have more than 300 people spectate in your analogue masterpiece during the first LomoKino Festival ever! Five movies total will be selected and be shown at the LomoKino Festival with other premier movies filmed by our A-list directors.

*《The Best Movie》will be awarded a Lomography gift that ’s worth over HKD 3,000 and includes: *

  • One LomoKino Festival VIP Pass which provides you with the golden opportunity to meet professional directors also participating in the LomoKino Festival and learn some film-making tips!
  • One Lomo LC-Wide camera which is valued at HKD 2,980
  • One LomoLab gift voucher that’s worth HKD 500
  • 3 boxes (total 9 rolls) of delicious Lomography 35mm film
Enjoy the movie Ghost on the Beach filmed by Lomographer - satomi – think of it as inspiration!

*Rumble Details: *

  1. From now till 31st December, 2012
  2. Shoot your own LomoKino movie
  3. Upload to Vimeo // Youtube // Lomography | Movie
  4. Leave the title of your movie, your LomoHome ID and the hyperlink of you LomoKino movie in the comments below

The BeachEDWINCHAUwww.lomography.hk/movies/872-lomokino-the-beach-lantau-island

LomoKino –forget the rules and shoot your own amazing movie – with this compact camera, all you need is just a roll of 35mm film and your incredible creativity!

Want to join the rumble but have no idea how to start? Don’t worry, keep an eye on the Lomography.hk online magazine for the latest news and numerous ideas to kickstart your first LomoKino movie!

written by edwinchau on 2012-10-24 #videos #news #competition #hong-kong #movie #kino #hk #hongkong #lomokino
translated by gateau


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    Es Amor, M'Hija!

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    Still...Wait, heart2heart, www.lomography.com/homes/heart2heart/movies/486-still

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    "Long Spun Thread" Matt Skwid
    LomoKino Music Video

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