Dorophy Tang shoots with the Diana F+

Our latest Lomo Amiga Dorophy hails from busy Hong Kong, known for her mix of traditional Chinese art with modern elements. Check out our interview with Dorophy and how she finds the Diana F+!

Real Name: Dorophy Tang
City: Hong Kong
Country: China

How long have you been a Lomographer (or are you new to this whole thing?)
I’ve been a Lomographer for 5-6 years, my first Lomography Camera is Supersampler.

請問妳成為 Lomographer有多長的時間(又或是剛接觸 Lomography呢)?

我已成為 Lomographer大約五到六年了,我的第一部LOMO相機是 Supersampler。

If you are new, how did you get involved at the first place?
I was introduced to Lomography by my classmate in design school.


Describe the Diana F+ in five words.
Cool, Fun, Retro, Historical & Emotional.

試用五個詞語來形容一下Diana F+。
Cool, Fun, Retro, Historical & Emotional.

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had
One of my funniest Lomographic encounters was, once i was trying to do shooting on a little baby, frankly, it was pretty hard to make the “object” stay still. However it was a great experience, and I’ve learnt from it as well. The result actually surprised me.


If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please)
1) Come Together by The Beatles
2) Smile by Michael Jackson
3) Over The Rainbow by Connie Talbot

1) Come Together by Beatle
2) Smile by Michael Jackson
3) Over The Rainbow by Connie Talbot

How did you come to the collaboration with Lomography?
I got the great chance attending the exhibition of Diana F+ Tour held by Lomography in Hong Kong. I was one of the attendants to design my own brand new style Diana F+. The style that I used on the camera was typical blue and white Chinese style pattern. The outcome was pretty successful and became the hot topic on the internet. Therefore Lomography invited me to produce my design.

背後有甚麼原因促使妳跟 Lomography進行是次的合作?
上年度,我很榮幸地得到一個機會參與Lomography香港大使館舉辦的 Diana F+ Tour 展覽。當時我是其中一個參加者設計了自己的一款 Diana F+。我的設計主要用上了富有中國色彩的藍白色圖案。結果製成品非常令人成功,也在互聯網上軒起了熱烈的討論。所以Lomography香港大使館便邀請我生產我的設計。

Apparently you have collaborated with other brands most notably Adidas and more recently Lomography. What is the difference between the two collaborations?

妳一直有跟不同的品牌合作,例如最為人熟悉如Adidas,而最近則與 Lomography合作。妳能為我們講述一下兩次合作之間的不同之處嗎?

Collaborating with Adidas Original was a great experience. I was told to be free on most of the exhibits beyond the three Asian exhitibition, but there wasn’t any product besides the charity baby figures. This time Lomography is asking me to design the camera, which means I have to think the design in a more “product” way, such as the technical problem of the graphics position, meanings/ metaphors of the details on the cameras and so on. Overall, I was delighted and honored in working with different international brands.

跟 Adidas Original是一次難忘的經驗,我在三次橫跨亞洲區的展覽中有很大的自由度,但除了 charity baby figures 外,我的作品沒有生產成為商品。今次由於是設計相機,所以我需要從設計「商品」的角度出發。如設計要考慮到圖案的位置與技術上的配合,細節上的一些意思等。總括而言,我對於能與不同的國際品牌合作也是非常高興跟榮幸。

The new Diana F+ and your illustration style both manifest a revival of antiquity. How do you see the future of analogue and antiquity in relation to the current trend?

I always love merging the elements of the current trend’s culture and antiquity together to make a funny and ironic effects in my creations. This always gives room to audience to think the meaning of my creations.

新的 Diana F+ 加上妳的設計都是一種顯然的古代藝術復興。妳認為將來 analogue跟 antiquity之間的聯繫會怎樣影響未來的潮流?

The one person (living or deceased) who you would most like to photograph
I’d like to photograph my little baby in the future.


Your advice to future Diana F+ shooter.
My advice to future Diana F+ shooter is don’t be afraid just do it once you think of the arrangement of the photograph.

可給將來 Diana F+ 的擁有者一些建議嗎?

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