A Very Human Location: China and its People


Every place has its own geographical characteristics, but it’s the people who complete the landscape. China can’t escape from that, and here we will review it a bit, therefore, this time, we have a very human location.

I have been lucky enough to visit China. Being from Chile and being in Europe, makes the whole world seem closer, and of course, the chance of visiting China and travel around its main cities could not be missed. I could talk a lot about this trip, there are 16 films that relate about the experience and what surprised me. Nevertheless, I think the best is to focus, and this time I will tell you about its people.

Why its people? Simply because being there and sharing with some persons demolished my prejudices and opened for me a different country: immense, diverse, and modern, which amazed me every day. But let’s see some photos to better understand all these wonders.

There are a lot of Chinese people, over 1.300 billion, so there are Chinese people everywhere. It doesn’t matter how touristy the place is, they are always the majority, therefore us, western people, were astonished by the landscape. Furthermore, let’s point out that the average Chinese has a better economic position than some years ago, therefore they’ve started to travel, and the first thing is the internal tourism. For example, they start with the Forbidden City or the Terracotta Army, as we can see in the next photos:

When someone visits such a different culture, it is very interesting to see people’s spiritual representations, as well as seeing the parishioners in the temples. And it is even more interesting when you realize that all they do has a background full of mysticism, numerology, cabala, or whatever, so there is only a little chance.

Maybe the funniest thing was the fact that we were from the West, so we were physically very different. So much so that everyday people asked us to take photos with them, as if we were pop stars. :P

This trip happened during the Olympics, and it was really amazing to see how they still remember with pride the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. They told us about the efforts they made as citizens, the 50% traffic restriction, and the thousands of volunteers for the different activities. Then visiting the Bird’s Nest Stadium took a different dimension above the architecture:

And what to say about daily life…

Without a doubt there are a lot of other aspects about Chinese culture and people, but this is already the first step. I also have to say that I would happily take a second step, a third, fourth, fifth, and so on. :D


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