Francavilla al Mare: The Sun is Rising and Shining

2012-10-19 1

Every holiday season I find myself in Italy at my grandparents’ house with my family. That’s where we go every time – to the sea, and it’s beautiful there. So this time around, I want to show you some pictures that I’ve taken of the sunrise. Read on and I’ll tell you what I’ve done for these pictures.

Credits: rainboow

This day started really early. It was really hard to wake up at 4:30 in the morning or was it still nighttime?! We then drove a half hour before we reached the sea at 5:30am.

It was really cold, and we were freezing. We couldn’t wait ’til the sun came out.

And then I shot some pictures of the beautiful sunrise:

Credits: rainboow
Credits: rainboow

Some pictures turned out a bit dark, so next time I will use a higher ISO number or expose the pictures a bit longer.

Credits: rainboow
Credits: rainboow

The sun came out at 7 o´clock. And then we looked for a bar where we could buy something for breakfast. After eating, we went back to the sea and we stayed there the rest of the day.

Credits: rainboow

For these photos I used the Diana Mini, Spinner 360, and Sprocket Rocket.

This one I really like. :)

If you are near Pescara you should definitely go there. I went there not only during the summer, also in winter and autumn, even when it’s cold, it’s still a beautiful place.

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