DIY Lomo Wall: Come On and Get Your Pictures in Your Room!


It sucks to have your Lomo pictures only in your PC? Do you have a lot of prints somewhere in a box? You want to pimp your wall? Then this DIY is great for you and your pictures. I’ll show you how easy it is to make a Lomo Wall on your own.

It’s a little bit sad that all my beautiful pictures are just lying in a box and no one can see them. So I decided to make a beautiful Lomo Wall on my own. I thought about how I could do my wall, and I decided to use a big frame, so the pictures are protected and they don’t get dusty.

What you need:
☁ large photo frame (mine is 50×70cm from Ikea it cost ca. 7€)
☁ a lot of different prints from your Lomo pictures
☁ scissors
☁ glue pen
☁ time and pleasure :)

How to do:
✄ At first you decide which pictures you want to use. When you don’t have prints, you could go to a Wallmarcet. There they have print stations and you can print them on your own. Or you choose a website on the internet and you let it print your pictures.

✄ Then you cut your pictures. Especially with the Diana Mini, on the prints left and right is a black border, this takes away a lot of space, I decided to cut it off.

✄ With the photo frame is mostly a white sheet, on this you can view the images before you tape them down. You’ll see that some small places stay free, here I use pictures of flowers, grass or clouds.

✄ If you like how the pictures are placed, fix them using a glue.

So now your own Lomo Wall is done. :) I hope you like it!

written by rainboow on 2012-10-19 #lifestyle #diy #wall #frame #lomo #picture #scissors #tinker #glue-pen

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