World's Most Embarassingly Large Parking Lot - West Edmonton Mall


Everyone where I live just calls it “the mall” and no one wonders what mall is being mentioned. And of course, being in the centre of North American car culture, the mall comes with it’s own SUPER parking lot.

I’m a big fan of World’s Largest Whatevers, and I recently discovered that I live very near to the World’s Largest Parking Lot. According to the Guinness Book, at 20,000 parking stalls this is definitely it. Some argue over the definition of parking lot vs. parking garage. Regardless of how this argument pans out in the end, the parking lot at West Edmonton Mall is embarassingly large.

This massive expanse of concrete completely surrounds this indoor shoppers playground in one, two, or three levels. It is a great place to witness a sea of humanity at their worst and most degenerate state: trying find a place to ditch their oversized SUV during the last two weeks before Christmas. I, on the other hand, chose a much kinder and gentler time to capture some images of this ugly place: a Wednesday night shortly after the mall closed, in the middle of September.
As I drove slowly around the lot, looking for interesting light and shadow, I passed the many ramps and stairways that lead to streets and avenues, other levels, and in at least one case – nowhere at all.

This is also a very fun place to come in the dark hours of a Saturday morning to watch those who have overindulged in the nightclubs as they wander aimlessly looking for the cars for many minutes before giving up and calling a cab.

I usually try to park upstairs near entrance #8, but you can choose from up to 60 entrances if you don’t like my suggestion… (I apologize on behalf of all the intelligent people of my city for the mall’s terrible website)

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  1. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    the worlds largest car-less car park! good job dirk!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Ahah ! Great shots and funny location !

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