My Childhood in Analogue: We Must Miss those Days!

2012-10-22 2

Missing childhood is the most common thinking among people, the thinking that brings backs memories that we were happy once. Maybe we can’t recover those days, but I sure do know that I can recover my childhood analogue proofs. Back to the past!

Do I remember what being a child was like? Do I remember those moments recorded in those analogue photos? Our memory is kind of a trap. Well, mine is. I usually tend to mix all my memories. And I usually don’t remember those days when I look at my childhood album. Maybe that’s why I’m always looking at that album, those photos, those proofs that I used to be a kid, a happy kid. Maybe I want to remember, but there are more photos than memories. Still, I can remember what I was thinking in a particular one. I was crying because my father wanted to take a family photo and my mother put boots on my feet. Well, “I was in pajamas mom, that’s not fashion!” and I didn’t want to be photographed with that kind of style.

I don’t remember the first time I went to the north of Portugal to see the snow, but I remember that it took me about nearly 20 years to go back there…and it felt magical! Like I’ve been there before, and we stayed, with that stupid smile on our faces because we could remember the past there. Now I see that in this photo is a little bit of our old-old car, a blue Datsun Sunny which traveled with us throughout the country.

Our family’s tradition was to go on vacations, always to the south of Portugal, to the beach and warm water. Well, that I remember a little bit, but not through these photos. Hell, I don’t remember running naked at the beach…back then! But it sure feels liberating to see those moments playing in the water. That makes me smile too! My father always had this rubber boat. That orange one stayed with us for some ten years. We loved it, we loved to row it. Well, my brother loved It. I would just catch the ride. Big brother!

Our anniversaries were always celebrated with friends and family. It’s heartwarming to see those frozen moments, the moment I blew the candles. All that registered in my father’s Yashica Electro 35 GT, which is actually with me to Lomograph. Ain’t that nice!

By the way, in one photo my father appears with me and my brother and sister (yeah, I’m the youngest). See that face turning to the left?! That’s his “take my photo” pose. He likes that! Hehe!

In most of the photos my mother is with me. Always by my side! And then, my brother Eduardo and my sister Mafalda. Don’t forget my father, the photographer on duty. Love you all!

Well, if you would like to see how I’ve become, now that I’m 29 years old, add me on Facebook (no naked pictures there). Facebook home

Back to the present!

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  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    in one of the photos you look like that Simon guy in American Idol

  2. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Muito bonito Gelito , gosto mesmo muito bem:)
    This is awesome, great story and amazing shots. Love it.

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