The Director's LomoKino Showreel: Drama

2012-10-14 12

Hey you guys, it’s now time to show-off your LomoKino skills as we open another round of this competition! What could be the theme this time? Hmmm..

Credits: i_am_four-eyes

Yep! You read it right; it’s all about being sappy and sad. This is going to be a rather abrupt change from our last competition, as we steered 360 degrees away from funny all the way to being dramatic! Just because we’re heading to this direction, it doesn’t mean we have to be weepy all the time! For this round only, we want to see your exceedingly personal, sentimental, and touching reels!


  • The winner will get 50 piggies and two runner-ups will be given 20 piggies each, complete with badges!
  • Film/Camera Type: Movies done only with LomoKino camera. Please keep in mind of our ‘Comedy’ theme.
  • Submissions must be linked in the comments feed, below.

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