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As part of our La Sardina DIY Project Artist series, Wendy Lau turned one of our La Sardinas into a full-blown zebra! If you want to share your enthusiasm about her project, just pin any one of her pictures on your Pinterest board within the next 48 hours and you will receive five Piggie Points to use in our Online Shop!

Wendy and her leather works。 | Photos

Our article about Wendy Lau and how she used her craft to turn a La Sardina DIY Edition camera into a cute little zebra turned out to be very popular. Using a tripod for the zebra’s legs, the flash cover for its head and applying a handstrap as a tail, Wendy was able to create a very unique La Sardina.

Wendy's La Sardina DIY creations

Wendy already has her own label called UUendy. Just like her modification of the La Sardina, the themes to Wendy’s collections are usually related to something that is very close and personal to her, in this case her passionate relationship to animals.

Read all about what Wendy usually does, how she channels her creativity and what advice she has for DIY newbies in our original article.

If you like Wendy’s creation and want to share your enthusiasm with others, you can pin any of Wendy’s photos you see here on your Pinterest board. As a reward, we will grant anyone who does so within the next 48 hours five Piggie Points for our Online Shop. After you pinned one of the photos please leave a link to your pin in the comments to this article.

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