Taipei Biennial 2012 – Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction


The Taipei Biennial 2012 is in full swing and is definitely the hottest thing in the Taipei Art scene going on currently! So, travelers through the beautiful city should mark the venues on your maps! Curated by the renowned Art critic Anselm Franke. Hong Kong artist Pak Shueng Chuen will be among the 40 participating artists. After the jump, get ready to museum-hop!

Image via Taipei Biennial 2012

There are over 40 artists participating in the Taipei Biennial 2012. This year’s theme is "Modern Monster/Death and Life of Fiction”. Monsters are and always have been figments of the human imagination and are portrayed in artwork based on one’s personal experiences. That is to say, the traditional, ogre-type, interpretation of “monster”. Our lexicon has mutated over the years and as such the term can be used to signify a “horrible person” or a large, ominous force – the latter being the closet to the biennial’s interpretation in light of the Global Financial Crisis. The biennial will feature mini-museums including The Museum of Crossings, The Museum of Gourd, and The Museum of the Monster That Is History. With Halloween around the corner, why not adventure into these mini-museums and get the inspiration you need for a Halloween costume!

Pak Shueng Chuen | Image via Flavorwire

Hong Kong artist Pak Sheung Chuen is among the artists invited to showcase his art at the Taipei Biennial. He’s always defying the rules when creating art. His piece “A Travel Without Visual Experience” highlights an attempt to disconnect his body with the physical world by traveling through Malaysia blindfolded. Instead of his own visualizations, he supplanted “his visual memory” with those of others by asking people to take pictures of his surroundings for him. Let’s look forward to his new work premiered at the Taipei Biennial 2012 this year.

Armin Linke | Image via Armin Linke

Italian/German artist Armin Linke has works on display at the Museum of the Infrastructural Unconscious. Including Armin Linke, there are 2 other artists: Nabil Ahmed, and Ching-Yueh Roan, with works at the aforementioned museum. Armin Linke’s multimedia Installation is his interpretation of contemporary Alpine landscape and gained recognition at the 9th International Architecture Exhibition and at the Graz Biennale On Media And Architecture.

This is a great opportunity to see international artwork while museum-hopping. Hailed as one of the best activities for the Taipei Art scene this year, we implore you to check it out! And to already pique your appetite and unhinge those fangs, check out some awesome essays on Taipei Biennial's official website

Taipei Biennial 2012: Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction
Exhibition Venue: The Taipei Fine Arts Museum and The Paper Mill
Exhibition Period: September 29 2012 – January 13 .2013

Information was taken from Taipei Biennial's official website

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