Autumn Leaves All Around: Enjoy Autumn with your LomoKino!


The summer has just said goodbye. The first autumn chills start to bite. A bit of melancholy for the summer past just gets into everyone a little bit… But I have for you the recipe for a good mood! Do you want to find out what it is? Then have a look below!

How many of you are still thinking about last summer? The sun, the sea, the allegorical nights… Barbecues on the beach… Melancholic, eh?

I can understand that, I still think about it too! But I’m trying to highlight autumn and let it be a pleasure! How? With the help of the fantastic Lomokino!

With it, I can exorcise even the melancholia and make sure that the autumn season becomes wonderful. You don’t believe me? Well, then, take look at this:

So, what can you say about it? Why don’t you try it too? I’m sure you’ll appreciate it!

Lomo on!

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written by bonzone on 2012-11-20 #videos #lifestyle #autumn #leaves #friends #enjoy #lomokino #bonzone

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