Nashville Skies


For fans of a beautiful Tennessee sunset, look no further than the city bridges and garages of Nashville!

Belmont University Curb Event Center garage and downtown bridge.

There is probably no better place to capture all of Nashville than on one of the easily accessible parking garages and bridges (if you want more of the cityscape). One of the better parking garages to go and look pensive as you stare off into the sunset is Belmont University’s Curb Center garage. It is open to the public, so do not abuse the right. Go get comfortable on the fence on the top floor and wait for the sunset. You are bound to snap some good photos under the right conditions.

For those looking for a cityscape, the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville is perfect. From the bridge. you can see all of downtown, along with the sunset. It is well-lit and safe, plus you’ll usually run into some fellow photographers on a good evening. The bridge next to the pedestrian bridge is the Shelby Street Bridge, although not completely pedestrian friendly, it does have a sidewalk (or if you are driving by – but in the passenger seat!) and can produce some good results as well.

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