Not cut out for camping at Bonnaroo? Try Chicago’s own Lollapalooza if you are more of a city slicker than a mud dweller.

Lollapalooza 2012

What do you always look for when shooting? Good scenery? Interesting people? Good lighting? The perfect city backdrop for all your photos? Sounds like you need to be at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Festival-goers flock to Grant Park, nestled right on the lakeside and with cityscapes surrounding the mile of green grass, every August for three days of the best music around. Music festivals are always a great place to shoot because you never know what you are going to see. Everyone seems to let their freak flag fly high. On any given day of the fest you will see crazy outfits, bands giving ridiculous performances, sun reflecting off of the skyscrapers, the Buckingham fountain lit at night, and so much more. But dont get sensory overload! You have three days to capture it all.

A couple tips for the festival photographer:

  1. Break out those zoom lenses. If you find yourself front row at a show and want to snap some shots, you don’t want those silly paid photographers all up in your shots. Don’t be afraid to zoom in!
  2. Bring a fanny pack to hold film and batteries. You want as many hands as possible.
  3. Ask to photograph people. You will run in to many interesting characters, usually dressed in some serious festival garb. Sometimes posed photography can look cool, think street style.
  4. Be prepared for rain. Bring plastic bags for your precious gear!
  5. Double fist those cameras! You’ve got two arms and shoulders capable of holding many cameras. Variety at a music festival brings great results.

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    awesome. great shots!

  2. wrenneevans
    wrenneevans ·

    @jeffr thank you!

  3. bluzillaone
    bluzillaone ·

    the overhed shot is my favorite. concerts and music festivals are a great place to shoot, nice work!!

  4. wrenneevans
    wrenneevans ·

    @bluzillaone thank you! and I agree

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