Kartofel und Schlafrock: An Art-Event in Lodz (Poland)


Almost two weeks ago the first “Kartofel und Schlafrock” Art-Event was held in Lodz (Poland).

Almost two weeks ago the first “Kartofel und Schlafrock” Art-Event was held in Lodz (Poland).
The Exposition took place in the majestic old villa of the Book art museum and brought together artists from Lodz and Vienna. For two days everything was about videos, short films, live music, performances and, of course: photos!

Among the photographers were pan_dre and me from the LSI. Together with our friend Christina Anna Baptist we presented “Pictures of Lodz taken in Vienna”. Tomek Kiedrzynski, a friend from Poland, gave us instructions about some pictures we took in Vienna – well, without knowing the City… So much about the idea, here are some of the shoots:

To have a few of the Participants listed: electroguzzi
(music), Klaus Pichler (photo) Peter Moosgaard (performance), Karin Hammer (video), Arash T. Riahi (video), Klemens Hufnagel (video), Schulz & Gruber (music), Radiev (music), Puch (music).
Find all of them on the flyer:

You’re still wondering about the crazy name of this event? Well, “Schlafrock” and “Kartofel” are the only two words the Polish and German language has in common. It means “dressing gown” and “Potato”. Such a great name for an Art-Event, no?

written by d_i_d on 2008-07-04 #news #art #vienna #lodz

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·


    that sounds so cool and i like the galleries... shot 3/6 of the second gallerie is incredible!!! GREAT!

  2. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    just by curiosity... in the second gallery, shots no. 2/6 and 6/6... are they scanned and croped intentionally like this or have they been taken with a specific cam?

    Also, where are the Kartofeln? and what is schlafrock? More details, please!

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