Cali in a Cup: Music Video by Adarsha Benjamin

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Analogue lover Adarsha Benjamin gives us the lowdown on the recent music video that she directed (and shot using a Super 8) for the American folk-rock band Woods.

We first spotted this rad music video directed and shot by Adarsha Benjamin over at Pas Un Autre. With the laid-back analogue vibe of the video, and the tunes set to Woods' single Cali in a Cup, we knew we just had to get more behind the scenes info! Check out our interview with Adarsha below.

Adarsha Benjamin. Photo by Marc Edouard-Leon

Real Name and LomoHome (if any)?
Adarsha Isis Ainsley Benjamin. I don’t know what a LomoHome is, but I live in Los Angeles, CA!

How long have you been into photography, and why choose film?
I started taking photos, seriously, about 5 years ago. I started on film, fell in love with film, and am a purist and a preservationist for the analogue form of photography. I love the mystery, I love the mistakes, I love the endless world of grains and textures and light leaks and spasms and moments that can take place on a single roll of film.

How about analogue cameras? Any particular favourites?
One of my favorite cameras of all time is a super basic 35mm, a Pentax K1000. I shoot on a Pentax Honeywell, too. I’m a huge fan of Mamiyas, I have the 645 and an old Mamiyaflex, which is one of the most magical instruments I have ever met. I also shoot a massive amount of polaroids, or should I say, instant analogue photos.

Photo by Adarsha Benjamin

Describe your photography and/or shooting style.
Often the word “intimate” gets used. I quite like that. Dreamy. Translucent. Honest. I don’t try to make my photos look like anything other than the moment gives me. I love the simplicity in that, and the purity of allowing the moment to work, or not. […] I love fashion, but I prefer to cast my friends. I’m not into “formal”. I am extremely informal and I need to have the freedom to be myself and let those who I am photographing, be themselves. Then, the photo, is itself and it stands for something beautiful and honest.

Photo by Adarsha Benjamin

Can you tell us more about the music video and how it was shot?
I shot the entire thing on Super 8, all along the California coast. It was pretty simple concept considering the song is called Cali in a Cup and I presented the idea to the guys in Woods, and they were like, “Yeah! That’s exactly what we want.” so I met up with them in San Francisco and we made our way to Big Sur, and down to LA, and finally San Diego. It was spontaneous and fun, and Woods are one of my favorite bands so working with them was a joy.

Photo by Adarsha Benjamin

What was the most challenging part in shooting the video?
Well, to tell you the truth, it wasn’t the actual shooting of the video. I knew I wanted to shoot as much as I could with the few days we had, and that I would figure out the story line when I was editing. But I had agreed to be in this commercial that my friend and collaborator, James Franco, was directing so I had to shoot all day in Big Sur on Saturday. Then after two hours of sleep, I drove six hours to LA to be on set and I was not so happy about that. Other than that, it was totally easy!

Photo by Adarsha Benjamin

Any particular artist or work of art that you take inspiration from?
Lee Miller was a early inspiration to me in the world of photography. As well as Man Ray, and Diane Arbus, of course. Paul McCartney is my muse. Yoko Ono is one of the raddest women ever. The surrealists definitely made the biggest impact on me artistically, along side the 90s and Kurt Cobain. I am also inspired by my friends constantly, everyday. Every single one of them are some of the greatest artists of this generation and I am honored to work with them and know them all.

How about tips and advice to our fellow analogue lovers out there?
SHOOT FILM! Don’t let it die! Keep the art alive! Keep it mysterious, keep it fresh, keep it honest.

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