Walking to Work at Sunrise


Every day I walk the same way to work and each day is completely different. As the days get shorter, the mornings get darker, and I am greeted with the most beautiful sunrises.

Although I live in the city, I travel out to the countryside to get to work, and I always enjoy the fresh air, beautiful skies and being surrounded by nature.

The more that I walk the same route, the more I want to capture how it changes throughout the year. These sunrises are just stunning and I love how the film choice along with my Holga 135BC has captured the beautiful colors and tones of the morning sky.

The Holga 135BC will veil your images in mystery. “BC” stands for “Black Corner”, as this camera creates a shadowy vignette in corners of your photos. See this mysterious beauty in our Shop!

written by easilydistracted on 2012-10-10 #places #colour-negative #england #walk #location #holga #leeds #united-kingdom #country-side #escape-from-the-city #lomography-iso-400

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