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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Chronically Monochromatic: Part II” by joefrank from Alabama. After liking the results from desaturated colored film photos, he decided to try shooting actual black & white rolls. He recounts his monochromatic experience here.

Credits: joefrank

Black-and-white film is such a beautiful thing. When I wrote the last article, I had still not yet shot on actual black-and-white film (except for during my college days); I’d just de-saturated them on my computer. The results of doing that were great, but the results of shooting natively on black-and-white film have been wonderful, in my opinion. There’s an aesthetic to it that you just don’t get by simply desaturating color print film. It has qualities of its own that are different from other films. I can’t really describe it, but I’ll let you look at the pictures yourselves and see what you think.

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We chose this article because Lomographers really do learn a lot from shooting in black & white. Without the distraction of color, a photographer learns to capture subjects based on shapes, shadows, and silhouettes. Every photography technique has its pros and cons, but its a Lomographer’s willingness to experiment with the medium that makes the experience truly immersing.

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