Tutorial How to Minimize Glow Effect on Lucky SHD 100 film

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Do you like the glowing effect on Lucky SHD 100 film? it is dependent on your taste though, but for some of us it looks weird, especially when you take a portrait. I am one of them. The basic problem of the glowing effect on Lucky SHD 100 film is, the fact that this film doesn’t have anti-halation layer, because of this, sometimes our pictures show flares or a glow, even intended to be overexposed. But do not be worried, this problem can be solved.

Basically, with this film, with normal exposure you will get a glowing effect, sometimes could be good, but sometimes it doesn’t. Well it is just a matter of your perspective. There are three things you need to pay attention to. They are:

1. Exposure

a. With correct exposure or normal exposure (hahaha, there is no correct exposure) you will get this kind of picture

I photographed this according to my camera’s reflective light meter (i shot with Nikon FM, a SLR camera)

I didn’t follow the exposure on light meter, what i do is to step down the aperture 1 step or half (sometimes two), and this is what I got

note: i am using SLR camera, so it’s somehow more easy to do this stuff, but if you are using Lomo cameras like the Diana (has many apertures, check the manual), Holga (has two apertures, check the manual), and when you’re using the LC-A+ (play with that ASA lever)

2. Need to self develop your Lucky (or tell the person who develop your BW negative to speed up the agitation time)

a. You need to self develop, when you want a particular result. What i do is self develop, and I am cutting the agitation time to 5 minutes, with a break time for 15-20 seconds.

I don’t know my style of agitation is affecting the result or not, but what I do is, I shake the develop tank up and bottom

and for this I got the result like this:

3. Lighting problems

a. Sometimes we really do not care of the result, but it is important that you know what you want!

Shadows in the portrait sometimes could be added value or not into your portrait (sometimes fun looking -light crosses in the face of the portrait, but some times ughhhhhh….) To prevent this make sure the lights are softened; if you are using flash, don’t go for direct light, you need to bounce the light, so the light will illuminate the surrounding area. How you do this? Just cover your flash with tissues. How but if I do an outdoor shot? Just make sure when you photograph the subject or object is in the shadow area.

Notes: BUT some times you could have fun with lights like these:

PS: All pictures are taken using Lucky SHD 100, and of of course as usual, HAVE FUN!

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    apparently i do upload the wrong picture, in particular is the second picture, it supposed to be like this www.lomography.com/homes/reiga/albums/1892211-she-is-out/ph…

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