My Embroidered Graffiti: Art by Sarah Greaves


There’s your grandma’s embroidery, and then there’s Sarah Greaves. This Manchester-based mixed-media artist expresses herself through embroidery — stitching up emotive, political, and thoughtful text — but on unexpected surfaces.

Instead of using plain pieces of cloth, Greaves prefers to embroider on other everyday things like wooden doors, sinks, toasters, and even fruit (!).

Images via Sarah Greaves' website

“My Embroidered Graffiti” is about exploring stereotyped identities and gender roles, our relationships with our bodies, our internal monologues and how the domestic and private become public. – Sarah Greaves

Images via Sarah Greaves' website

And while the end products look so simple and breathtaking, Greaves admits that the process involves a lot of hard work and patience: after conceptualizing the idea, she plans it out, marking out where the drill holes for each stitch goes through, and then starts the actual drilling.

“After I have drilled out all the holes, I sew the embroidery by hand, this is difficult on a solid object as you have to physically turn the object over or walk around it to see where the next hole is for the needle. I use traditional embroidery silks unless I want thicker text as in ‘The End’ door.” – Sarah Greaves, Ape on the Moon Interview

Images via Sarah Greaves' website

Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

All information for this article was taken from Sarah Greaves’ website, Ape on the Moon, and Lost at E Minor.

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