Childhood Recall: Family Reunions, Funerals, and the Analogue Life

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Of all my childhood memories, the one that I can remember most was when all uncles, aunties, cousins, and grandparents would come together (usually due to the death of a relative) for a big family reunion, then there would be photographs taken from those days. Captured in analogue, these moments bring back memories like no other.

No childhood is complete without those “compulsory” family reunions!

Like your family, and my family too, the entire clan is residing in different places. Some stay together, some stay close to each other, some stay far away, in separate regions, while some in different countries. Rumors have it that some even stay on different planets. Of course, that last information needs to be verified. (Watch this space for future updates on those relatives.)

From all these different places, the entire clan would come together once in a while and this would be a difficult event to time perfectly, given everyone’s schedules and strangely enough, everyone seems to suddenly become very, very busy when a reunion is proposed.

But one event always manages to get everyone together – busy schedules or not, hostility or not, non-talking terms or not, and that is during the passing of someone in the family.

Credits: jimjimm

It’s ironic and certainly not a happy thought that only a sad event can get everyone together so easily…but as we all know, bad times tend to bring families closer.

Here are a few of those memories from my stash of analogue pictures from my childhood, caught for posterity in analogue mode, when the family came together without any fuss in 1980 and then a few years later, we got together again to mourn the demise of the patriarch of the family. My mom’s side first and then my dad’s.

Credits: jimjimm

The most treasured of these is the group shot of the whole family posing together with the dearly departed. The skill in capturing the emotive feel of this moment, on film, makes these pictures what they are. Besides the family photographer and his creativity, the subjects with their expressions… makes everything more memorable, despite what it appears at first sight, their stoic compositions around the late beloved.

Credits: jimjimm

Among other favorites, is the family group picture and those with my brother Joe and cousin Jemarin as the cool dudes were posing with a flashy car and the big motorcycle that belonged to one of our uncles.

Credits: jimjimm
Credits: jimjimm

When I acquired these pictures from mom, I inquired at the photographer’s studio, and it revealed that in all probability, they were made with a Nikon FM using the ORWO NP 20 BW film.

Credits: jimjimm

For the record…the wide-eyed kid in the family group photo in those fancy pants with the big buckled belt is me – also one of the cool dudes. :) And also the one with the curly hair in front of the others. :)

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    one of the best article i have ever seen in lomography website.........and what great images...purely analogue

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