Simple Camera Strap for the Diana Baby 110

2012-10-15 1

A few days ago I got my super cute Diana Baby 110. With my cameras, I always like to safely carry them around my neck, so I quickly made a camera strap.

All you need is wool in your desired color and a bit of skill in threads.

Since it takes forever for braiding three threads, I have, in the third “thread” made ​​two threads together in order to get an uneven strap. The wool I cut longer than the desired length of the belt, braiding results in some possible loss of length.

When I had enough braided strap, I simply knotted the ends on the Diana Baby 110- package. By means of a crochet hook, the wool easily get through the aperture.

At the end, even the wool little tousled, so it no longer rises slightly, and ready!

Have fun to tinker, because it is very convenient to hang the camera around your neck ;)

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  1. alana1194
    alana1194 ·

    Awesome! Did this for my Diana Mini with 6 strings instead:) hoping it's strong enough to hold!

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