More Tingling Features at The New Shop

Warm up during these chilly times with our new online shop – filled with new features like our new ‘Wishlist’ function for those who want to send out to the world their Lomographic Christmas wishes – who knows, they just might be granted!

We little Lomographic elves are here to help you out with the ultimate shopping experience this coming Christmas season! We set up an easier way for you to learn about the new features at our New Shop! Excited yet? Let us show you around a little so you can get familiar with the features you will find so your Christmas treats will be processed just in time!

Lomography Wishlist Feature
This new feature is perfect for those who love to “Window shop”! This handy new option allows you to keep on adding items into your Wishlist! You can also add comments or notes along the items of your choice to help you decide on your purchases. What’s even better is you can share your Wishlist with your friends! This way, you ask for their camera-film-accessory opinion or rather, show them a camera they might be interested in!

To add an item in your Wishlist:

  1. Browse around our Cameras / Films / Accessories and Fashion pages and pick an item you would like to add to your Wishlist.
  2. When you’ve found an item, simply click on the “Add to Wishlist” link under the thumbnail.
  3. Every time you find an item that you would like to bookmark, just click on “Add to Wishlist”!
  4. View the items in our Wishlist by going to the My Wishlist link located at the upper right side of your browser.

To Update your Wishlist:

  1. Go to the “My Wishlist” page.
  2. You can place your own comments in your Wishlist! To do so, just type the comments you would like to place in the text box just beside the item in your Wishlist.
  3. Click on “Update Wishlist” to save your comments.

To Share your Wishlist:

  1. Go to the “My Wishlist” page.
  2. Share your Wishlist to your friends by simply clicking “Share Wishlist”.
  3. Here, you can type multiple e-mail addresses, separated by commas (,).
  4. Don’t forget to add a message to your friends! Asking for their opinion or wanting to suggest a camera to them? Let them know through this message!
  5. Click on “Share Wishlist” and send them off to your friends!

“Add to cart” Feature

We had the Cart feature in the older Shop site and it may not be new to you but we now bring you a better Cart feature! Now, you will have fewer clicks to get what you want!

“Add to cart” is an option you will be seeing more and more: on newsletters, your Wishlist, shop pages and Microsites! Just click on “Add to Cart” and Voila! The item of your choice automatically appears in your cart, waiting for you until you decide to checkout – easy peasy!

Better Account Manageability
View your account history by going to the “My Account”: portion found at the upper right side of your browser.

Here, you will find the following information:

  • Piggy Points – You can keep track of the amount of Piggy points you have here!
  • Account Information – You can find your contact information and password here. If you need to reset your password, you can also do so here.
  • Address Book – You can manage your primary billing address and shipping addresses here.
  • My Wishlist – You can find your wishlist items here.
  • My Cart – Your current orders are found here.
  • Compare Products – You can compare items in this handy little feature!

Compare Function

We now have a feature of having two items juxtaposed so you can compare its features! This ought to help you in deciding what to purchase!

To compare items,

  1. Browse around the shop and look for your first item. When you’ve found it, click on the “Add to Compare” link.
  2. One item has already been placed in the Compare function! Now you just have to select some more items to compare it to. Browse around the shop and click on the “Add to Compare” link for the other items.
  3. Now that you have a few items in the Compare Feature, just click on the “Compare Items” and you’ll be able to see your selected products side-by-side with all their features!

You can also watch a video on how you can use the “Compare” feature here:

compare_demo from Lomography on Vimeo.

Well what are you waiting for? Browse around our Shop and take part on this fun shopping experience! Cheers to the holidays!

written by kazarareta on 2009-12-01 #news #relaunch #video #features #savings

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