Photography as Painting.

2012-10-11 1

Photography is an art. Why not mix it with the painting? Here are a few small tips to turn your photos into paintings real :)

Credits: grimoldieu

I recently decided to make some shots of nature with my Diana. I did not wanna get the usual picture clear and sharp, but I was aiming at a more “painterly” effect. Using a film of 200 ISO and setting the time of B in order to manage the duration of the opening of the shutter, I use the sunlight covered by trees to obtain the desired effect. The shutter aperture must be minimal to avoid the risk of burning the film during long exposure (4/5 seconds). I am attaching photos that came better during this experiment.

Note the similarity to the paintings made ​​with watercolors or, in some cases, the effect of oil on canvas.

Credits: grimoldieu
Credits: grimoldieu

For these last two photos I tried adding to it a double exposure. In my opinion, makes it more than a single exposure .

Credits: grimoldieu
Credits: grimoldieu

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  1. nuo2x2
    nuo2x2 ·

    love the third picture, strong painting-looks-a-like result :)

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