Eagle Square, Langkawi (Malaysia)


Eagle Square is an impressive landmark, with its monumental 12-metre high giant eagle signifying the Lang or brown eagle from which Langkawi got its name.

The gigantic statue of the reddish brown eagle beside the Kuah jetty, poised for flight, marks a dramatic welcome to visitors approaching the island by sea. It will be know no coincidence if you look up at the blue skies and spot a live eagle soaring majestically, as the islands are home to a large number of eagles.

According to folk fore, Langkawi got its name from the eagle or Lang ( short name for Helang in Malay ). In Malay, Kawi is the name of a crimson red manganese stone used as a chalk to mark goods. Hence Langkawi denotes Reddish Brown Eagle. Besides the impressive statue of the eagle , this 19-acre park features well-landscaped gardens with scenic ponds and decorative bridges. At night , under the glow of bright lights the Eagle Square proves to be just as impressive.

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