My Analogue Childhood in the Village


Although there was a camera at home, I only have very few photographs of my childhood. This is because there was no lab in the village where I grew up, and we had to travel to the nearest town to develop the film and print the photos.

This cuddly toy has been accumulating dust at my grandmother’s home for ages. Even my youngest cousin has photographs with it. This is the typical picture of sitting babies with hidden mothers holding them. Can you see her arm?

The next one is a photo that every child in my village has. Children are placed on the portable platform with the Virgin of “El Carmen” during the religious procession in the summer festival. Most babies are frightened and start to cry, like me (although I was still in my mother’s arms).

Nowadays everybody says that the procession takes too much time but…is it because there are many babies than in the old days? Not really. Everybody has a digital camera or a mobile phone and everybody takes a lot of photos until the babies stop crying. When I was a child, there used to be one professional photographer who took one or two photos for families who have no camera, so there were far fewer photos. Of course, I have taken some pics of my “fake” nephews and nieces.

Credits: deprofundis

Most of these images were taken on the terrace. We used to take photos in this place because it is the sunniest part of the house.

I also found a color photo. I think this pic was shot by a cousin of my mother and we received it by mail.

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