Autumn Colors in a Small Rugby Stadium


I love to photograph rugby, my preferred sport. The young team of my city, Rugby Como, belongs to the Italian Third Division championships, and plays in a small stadium surrounded by beautiful trees. In the autumn, the colors are fantastic!

Every two Sundays, from October to April, I like to photograph the Rugby Como matches. A young team that plays in a small stadium, surrounded by beautiful trees, many of which are evergreen, some seasonal.

The autumn light, together with the color of the field, and the colors of the surrounding trees, make the pictures taken during the months of October and November rich in warm and reddish tones. I love these autumnal photos!

To better emphasize the autumn haze, I took these two photos slightly in backlight:

The brown dominants of the ground emphasizes the autumnal tones!

There are many evergreen trees on the background, typical of the pre-alpine vegetation (Como is near Switzerland, in the Italian Prealps):

All these photos were taken with a Zenit 122 and a Zorki 5 camera.

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