Accessorize your LC-A Without Damaging it!

2012-10-08 2

Here’s a quick and easy way to attach things to your LC-A without causing any permanent damage to the camera itself.

Unlike other fearless Lomo community members who bravely modify their cameras by gluing, screwing, chopping, and pasting camera parts— I try my best to maintain the integrity of my Lomo cameras. In truth, I mainly leave them alone just because I lack the expertise to make modifications safely and fear permanently “messing up” my favorite cameras. Here’s a quick and easy way to add accessories to your Lomo LC-A that won’t cause permanent changes or damage, and you can “undo” it if you decide you don’t like it.

What you will need is small and simple: a tripod screw with a ring. They look like this:

If you are a multi-camera owner like me, you might have one in your possession already— especially if you have a Sprocket Rocket lying around.

Unscrew the tripod screw from your Sprocket Rocket, and screw it into the tripod mount on the bottom of your LC-A.

You now have a removable piece that you can attach things to. Key-rings, hooks, or old jewelry pieces are useful in this process.

You can now attach your fashion accessories, keys, flash gels, focus guide, you name it— there is no limit to what you can accessorize your LC-A with, as long as you don’t mind it dangling.

Another camera, perhaps??

For the adventurous type, you can use it to attach a “fail-safe” strap that you can wear or attach to yourself when hiking in perilous places or dangling over a bridge and feel less than confident in the wrist strap that came with the camera.

This can of course be applied to other cameras that have a tripod mount, such as the Holga, Diana, and La Sardina.

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