My Early Childhood in Black and White

2012-10-19 1

In this article you can see some photos of my early childhood. I have few fragmented memories of my first years of life, some of which have been awakened by discovering these old images, all taken by my parents.

I was born in Novara, an Italian city in the Po Valley. Our home was in a little town called, Cameri, a few kilometers outside Novara. In the first image you can see a picture of my father while feeding me with the baby bottle on the balcony of our house:

In the second picture you can see my first “pool”. I have no memory of these fragments of my life, but I like to review these photos.

I remember my parents’ bed and my little bed:

Here are some of my toys (of which I have no memories):

I remember the cars of my childhood, an old Fiat 500 and a Lancia Fulvia; here’s my mother on the Fiat:

And here I am “trying” to drive the Lancia!

I’ve always liked cakes…and I remember this!

I’ve never liked to sit down for a long time…

I’ve always liked being outdoors in parks, here in the company of my cousin.

Finally, I leave you with a photo of the ball game: I’ve always liked sports, although now I prefer the oval ball (rugby)!

All these photos were taken with an Agfa Optina IIS camera.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Cool photos! I really like your parent's Fiat.

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