Photobomb with Sari in Tokyo


We all have that one photo taken from a vacation or getaway that we see as “ruined” just because a stranger got into a frame. Well then, wait until you meet Sari in Tokyo. We bet she’ll change your mind.

We’ve stumbled upon this quirky photo series, With Sari in Tokyo by Japanese art student Sari Yamagishi over the weekend, and we have to be honest, we think it’s awesome.

Photos by Sari Yamagishi

Following the idea of “photobombing”, Yamagishi wanders around Tokyo in search of tourists (a relatively easy task) and then asks if she could be included in one of their photos. And while the results are funny and charming, it can also be viewed in a different direction.

“Placing myself in their pictures, I pretend like I’m a friend or a member of the family, but I tell and make them pretend I don’t exist in the pictures first. […] There is obviously a “wall” between the groups and I, which means we have a totally different existence even if I act like very friendly. — Sari Yamagishi

Nonetheless, it would prove to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Photos by Sari Yamagishi

How about you guys? Have you ever had a “photobombed” image that proved to be memorable? Share them below!

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