Diana Baby 110: A Keychain That Takes the Pictures!


I bought the Diana Baby 110 and it was love at first click! Would you like to know why? Read more…

With the need to stock up on films, as well as the result of Piggies I won, I made a recent purchase in Lomography that included a Diana Baby 110. I was already fascinated by the Fisheye Baby and by the idea of ​​a 110 camera that’s so small, but while I was watching it, Lomography has produced another 110 camera, the Diana Baby of course, who tempted me even more! The reason is simple, in addition to the already mentioned small size, it had interchangeable lenses!

I Immediately put it to the test with the Lomography Tiger 200. The Diana Baby 110 satisfied me! I recommend it to those looking for a camera without too many pretensions to take with them. It is also ideal for the trip on Sunday: you can keep it in your pocket like a cell phone, you can hang it around your neck as a pendant, you can use it as a keychain but above all, we can take pictures! It’s ’a real point and shoot camera, focus free, no settings for shutter speed and aperture, the only choice lay between N and bulb mode. It also has a connection to pc-sync flash, I mean the “old” with the cable.

By purchasing the complete set, you’ll have two lenses, a wide-angle 12mm and a 24mm wide, making it very versatile and suitable for all those situations where you do not have much chance of moving toward or away from the subject. The photo size is typical Diana square format, intriguing! Inside the viewfinder is designed to use a square as a reminder of the limits of the image when using the 24mm lens.

These are my first results with the film Tiger 200, maybe the photos have a grain excessive, but for me are ok so … I’ll try it soon with Orca 100 B & W.

Next time I’ll talk about how, the day after receiving it, I pimped this same DIANA BABY 110, making it a unique piece;)

written by cryboy on 2012-10-11 #gear #review #diana-baby-110-lomography-tiger-200-micro-mini-square

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