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For every lomographer who has been looking for tips to make their analogue life easier and more fun, the Magazine has lots of tipsters to use as reference. This week’s featured tipsters may be useful to you if you want to either shoot Autumn sceneries in black and white, or turn your La Sardina into a compact travel memento with a scrapbook-y design. If you’re curious, read on to find out what it’s all about!

Credits: sirio174

We’re still into the first weeks of autumn—have you gone out to take photos of these picturesque autumn sceneries? What, you only have black and white films? Don’t worry, you can still capture those beautiful trees and fallen leaves nicely in monochrome, with the help of some helpful tips from sirio174. Check out his full tipster for some ideas on which cameras to shoot your black and white films with, the developer you can use (if you develop and scan your own films), and other tricks!

Photos by sarah-addison-dobard

Next, we have a crafty idea by sarah-addison-dobard for a La Sardina DIY design. If you’re fond of keeping all sorts of keepsakes from your trips and adventures, why not try making a scrapbook out of them, housed in your La Sardina? Just look at out featured tipster author’s final product—it’s like a scrapbook you can bring and brag anywhere! Head over to the full tipster to find out how you can make one!

Congratulations to this week’s featured tipster authors! Catch us next week as we once again put the spotlight on some amazing and inspiring tipsters by our very own lomographers!

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