Pixelated Analogue: Untitled Screen Series by Matthew Tischler

2012-10-05 3

Making rounds right now is New York-based photographer Matthew Tischler’s series of photographs that showcase a surreal finish with the use of window screens and a change in focus. Read more after the cut!

Photos by Matthew Tischler

At first glance, Tishcler’s photos appear pixelated screenshots. But in actuality, they are shot in 35mm, and the effects were simply achieved by using window screens as a filter placed in front of the lens.

Photos by Matthew Tischler

“The effect of the grid used in the Untitled Screen Series is such that images are divided, pixelated, and filtered. Subjects and figures are therefore broken apart and reconstructed in such a way that they are both integrated into their environment and isolated within it. None of the subjects in these photographs have any discernable facial features or characteristics. The screen that is imposed over each tableau subjugates their identities. Richly saturated colors and flattened space create alluring vistas that seem to resemble video stills.” — Matthew Tischler

Photos by Matthew Tischler

They may have been shot back in 2007, but the Untitled Screen Series is one of the proofs that there are still a lot of techniques and ways to explore and try out in analogue photography! All we need is an open mind and a bit of ingenuity.

All information for this article was taken from Matthew Tiscler’s website, and PetaPixel.

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    Really interesting!

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    once I used my anti-mosquitos window screen to do the same www.lomography.com/photos/cameras/3315115-praktica-bc1/47048

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