How to Tag Your Analogue Photos on Facebook


You can spread the Lomo-Love to even your non-analogue Facebook friends! Educate them on which of your favorite Lomo cameras and films you use by tagging each photo you upload.

Facebook is a great way to connect to friends and acquaintances, and a great way to share the way you Lomo! By following these simple steps, you can spread the love of film to all those friends who see the photos you upload to your wall and pop up on their news feeds. Perhaps eventually they will see all the fun things “Lomography” has to offer and want to join in!

There are two easy ways you can go about tagging your photos in your albums. The first way I will explain is best if you have a couple analogue photos mixed in with digital photos, and you just want to tag one or two in an album.

Step 1: After opening your album in Facebook, scroll down and click on the analogue photo you want to tag.

Step 2: Click on “Tag Photo.” There is a button option you can click up by the description, or you can mouse over your photo and a menu option will appear at the bottom. Either one will work.

Step 3: Click anywhere on the photo to place the tag, as if you were tagging a person, but instead type in which camera and film you used to take the picture (for example, Lomo LC-A and Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 film). I like to use the bottom left-hand corner, no reason why… I just got in the habit and now I know all my photos will have the tag in relatively the same spot. At times, Facebook will encourage you to click on a face to tag because it assumes you are tagging a person; however, I prefer to tag people as their actual names, so I choose a different spot. When you are done tagging, click “Done Tagging.”

If you have done this correctly, your camera and film information will now appear both in the description of the photo, but you will still be able to have a separate description or title. The tag will also appear when you mouse over the photo.

The second way to tag your photos with camera and film is best used when you have a whole album full of analogue photos and you don’t have time to open each one individually.

Step 1: Open your album on Facebook. Instead of clicking on the individual photo, click on the “Edit” button at the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: You will be presented with one page with all the photos in your album. When you mouse over a photo, an option comes up that says “Click a face to tag.” You don’t have to click a face, just click anywhere on the photo (or if you want to keep things uniform, click on the bottom left-hand corner each time). Add the camera and film you used as if you were tagging a person.

Step 3: If done correctly, this information will appear in the box under the photo when you click on the “people tagged” icon. Repeat this for each photo you would like to edit in the album, and click the “Done” button in the upper right-hand corner when finished.

You now are sharing not only your great analogue photos, but your love for your cameras and film as well!

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