Do you know Flo? Our Newest Lomo Amigo!


Floor de Goede must be the coolest cartoonist from Amsterdam. We are proud to announce he is our newest Lomo Amigo! Also we’re very proud of his analogue skills – he’s proven to be a great photographer. Read the interview and see his Sprocket Rocket photos after the jump.

Credits: flodego

Name Floor de Goede
City Amsterdam
Country the Netherlands

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do in your spare time and for a living?
I’m Floor and I’m from Amsterdam. I love it here. I feel at home in my own little bubble. You might know me from my cartoons. I’ve been a professional cartoonist for about 10 years now. Mainly I draw for books, magazines and newspapers, but I also draw a daily autobiographical comic at

My workplace and a snake hanging out of the window

Were you already a lomographer or are you new to it all? 
I heard about Lomography through Sander’s pass-on-lomo, but me and my boyfriend already owned a Fisheye camera before that. We’re all so spoiled these days with those digital cameras, and directly seeing the outcome of your photo. That’s the cool thing about Lomography. That you just don’t know how your photo turns out until you get the film back from the lab. That makes analogue photos more ‘real’ and ‘authentic’. I also like that it takes a little more effort.

How did you like shooting with the Sprocket Rocket and what did your friends and fans think of your analogue adventure?
All reactions were nice. Because of the intense blue color most people thought it was a toy camera. After finding out it actually takes photos and uses film, most people were surprised. One of the funniest moments was during the EK-match. I was waiting and waiting for an exciting moment to capture, an amazing moment or goal and everyone throwing their hands in the air. But it just didn’t happen…

I jinxed the game by letting everyone cheer beforehand…

Were your surprised the photos turned out this good?
Yes I were! I was blown away when I saw the results. I was used to the photos taken by the doorgeeflomo, but these were all so sharp! I was happy to see all my photos were well exposed because of the Diana flitser I used on the Sprocket Rocket.

Chemdate – dinner with dishes like GHB-soup

What was the weirdest, funniest or just coolest experience during the shooting of these series?
That’s a though one… In Cologne I took a cool photo with a lot of tourists joining in. That was really funny. But I sure hope I took a photo while drunk as well.

Credits: flodego

What would you still like to photograph?
I’ve seen photos of a huge rainstorm on the way, I’d like to capture natural forces like that. I’d also like to experiment some more with double exposures, that I will surely keep doing!

Would you like to make some drawings on a photo?
I already did that, with this photo I shot at the Multatuli statue in the center of Amsterdam.

Credits: flodego

What’s your advice for future Sprocket Rocket photographers?
Make sure you’ve got enough light! And don’t use the camera as it were a digital one. Think your photos through, but keep it spontaneous. You only have 36 shots, but you don’t want to miss any great moments. Or just buy enough rolls of film!

Flo made a selection of his favorite photos. Here are some of his photos taken during the Gay pride, nice afternoons in the park and the Milkshake festival!

Credits: flodego

Lomo Amigo Flo is a huge fan of the Sprocket Rocket – the first wide angle camera dedicated to sprocket holes. With the advance mechanism it’s really easy to shoot double exposures. Check the Sprocket Rocket in our Online Shop and shoot some awesome photos like Flo!

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translated by desibel

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