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It is already October and have you noticed that you are no longer wearing sleeveless clothes? You will gradually put on cardigans, scarfs and wear socks. Yes! They are some of the must-have items for Autumn, as Lomographers have shown us while galavanting around!

Credits: geka

After suggesting several Autumn-related activities that you may want to engage in, in the previous article,Grasp The Autumn Breeze - Activities, now it’s on to “Autumn garments”! During this season we often observe people on the street wearing comfortable looking cardigans, scarfs in all shades of colors and patterns, and funky socks we want to pull right off their feet! These associations stick with us and the clothes and fashion signifies Autumn and, in a sense, “completes” the progression to Winter. One thing’s for certain – those vivid colors and attractive patterns are some of our favorite things to photograph!

Credits: jared_j_frank, whitelise, odio-et-amo & koala-girl

1. Cardigans

Carrying around a cardigan in your tote bag is a must during the Fall! It’s light and keeps you warm from the autumn breezes. With different knitting techniques along with different varieties of yarns many styles can be found! Stripped? Furry? 80s-style? Just follow your mood and pick your favorite one!

Credits: geka & zixolalu

2. Scarfs

One cardigan may not do the job of keeping your warm when the temperature drops even lower towards the end of Autumn. Here’s where a scarf comes in handy! It’s not only function-forward but fashion-forward! With eye-catching colors and special patterns printed and woven throughout, a colorful autumn is created as soon as you step out the house!

Credits: hanat9651, cafebuonasera, ropi & stephanie


During Summer your socks go into hibernation. The hot and humid weather is no place for covering your feet with an extra layer. But now the dry, cool, and sock-wearing season has arrived! I can hear your socks waking up! Other than for keeping warm, a pair of socks can represent your fashion sense too!

Credits: special_patrol

Of couse, besides the aforementioned items you may have your own Autumn items! Generally, knitted products are considered to be something exclusive to the Fall. Have you found some in your room? Take them out and enjoy the season! Pick up your camera and photograph those items on you as well as on your friends! Lets leap into Fall and be dressed for it from head to toe!

We will have more ideas for Autumn in upcoming articles – stay tuned!

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  1. trychydts
    trychydts ·

    Very nice article grasping the athmosphere nicely.

  2. heiwa
    heiwa ·

    @trychydts Thanks!! Lets grasp the Fall together yeah :D

  3. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Outstanding photoreportage on Boreal Autumn's clothing intricacies, that is so foreign to us in the tropics, but at the same time, shrinks the world to better understand it! Thanks!

  4. heiwa
    heiwa ·

    @rbruce63 Thanks a lot! Hope you can feel the Fall from those articles! :)

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