Remembering Summer 2011: Roadtrip in England


Summer is over. But we’ll always have its memories thanks to lomography we have done. Today I feel so melancholic remembering 2011 summer, so I’m going to tell you how it was, well, how it ended.

In the summer of 2011, I was in Brighton studying English with a studentship, so as I was abroad, I didn’t enjoyed it very much because I was really busy. In addition, it was a cold and rainy summer. But those 5 weeks locked in the library paid off, because my friend Rober and me, rented a car and had a roadtrip in SouthEast England.

We took off the day after his arrival. The first few days were spent visiting neighboring cities like Brighton and back to my house to sleep.

Our first trip was to Seven Sisters.

Credits: littlekoala

We had breakfast there, walked along the beach. Seven Sisters are several cliffs that are located between Seaford and Eastbourne, in South England. They are 40 minutes away from Brighton and almost 2 hours from London.

Like we were so close of Eastbourne we decided to go there and have lunch. We walked along the dock (similar to the one in Brighton) and had lunch in front of the beach.

As Wikipedia, says, Eastbourne is known for being one of the sunniest places in England and, thanks to its location by the sea, on the southern coast, is an ideal place to study and relax. (I think I was wrong to go to Brighton …as it was cloudy and raining.)

Credits: littlekoala

A tip: If you go to the coast in England, be careful with the seagulls! It’s not a joke, we saw how one of them stole a sandwich.

The next day, we went to London What can I say about London, the bad thing is that it rained a lot that day and the photos were so bad! I used a Diana Mini with 100 ISO film…it was a mess! I could only save some photos.

After the rainy day in London, we began the real __ roadtrip__. It lasted for three days and we returned to Brighton on Sunday to pick up our bags to return to Spain.

Once the car was full and ready, our next destination was Stonehenge. Without doubt, a mythical place and full of history…history that they won’t tell there!

The place is wonderful, but it’s ready for tourists. You have to pay 8 pounds, and they give you a pair of headphones that tells you different interpretations of the place without coming to a conclusion…you just go round and round the monument.

My advice: Unless they have changed the fences, you can take photos from outside. Inside, you can’t get so close. If you want to know its history, you learn more about it on the internet or something.

Credits: littlekoala

That same day we passed the night in Bath, in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast outside the city. It’s a good choice to sleep comfortably in and is not so expensive. Bath is famous because of its roman baths, a must visit, if you go to the city.

Credits: littlekoala

We visited the city at night, and it seemed like such a beautiful place.

Credits: littlekoala

Next day we want to Gales. We visited two castles there.

First was Chepstow Castle. This castle is the oldest post-Roman fortification preserved in Britain and there are some amazing views of the River Wye.

Credits: littlekoala

The next castle was Raglan. This castle is also very well maintained and although there are no rooms or furniture, it’s easy to imagine what life was like there during the Middle Ages. In addition, there were costumed actors recreating everyday life situations in a castle. From soldiers or traders to the royal family, you could see different characters during the visit making it more enjoyable.

Credits: littlekoala

Admission to both castles is not free, but prices are quite reasonable and worth paying.

The next day was our last day, and we stopped in different cities, after visiting Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

Credits: littlekoala

Here we also visited the castle, well preserved. But we felt so disappointed when after paying double that of the other castles, they only let you visit two or three rooms. If you are passionate about the castles, I recommend visiting the others I’ve mentioned.

After that we stopped in Salisbury which is very famous because of its Cathedral.

Credits: littlekoala

And finally Portsmouth.

Credits: littlekoala

And so my Summer of 2011 has ended, this year has been more typically Spanish, but I’ve done lots of things too. I’ll tell you about it another day. ;)

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