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Autumn is my favorite season. Why? Because I love its changes: nature becomes orange, it’s time to harvest new beginnings that you can capture with redscale film.

When I was living in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the arrival of autumn was not very remarkable. Temperatures vary a bit, but in general the weather is good and the rainy days are hotter. However, when I moved to the Peninsula, I discovered a very different autumn, and I fell in love with it.

When autumn arrives, I take out from my closet, water boots and colored hats.

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Both the city and the countryside becomes brown or orange leaving behind the summer greenery and the scenery is much more idyllic and mysterious.

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During the months of October and November begins the collection of chestnuts, apples, and nuts in the village. Something I had never done in Tenerife, and that has become my favorite time of fall.

Families meet, gather, and celebrate it with the magosto, a popular festival that consists of roasting chestnuts in a large metal cylinder on a good fire, accompanied with local wine.

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Boxes full of apples flood my house and we try to eat them as jams, cakes, pastries, baked or as the perfect snack to eat at any time of day. However, even giving them to family, friends, and others, there are always many, so this year, do not hesitate to ask me for some apples!

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When fall is almost over, it’s my birthday and the city of my birth makes me the great gift with small colored lights.

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And just when autumn ends …

Credits: missnothing

I come back home for Christmas.

written by missnothing on 2012-10-22 #red #lifestyle #orange #autumn #rain #leaves #field #apples #city #landscapes #rescale #abroad
translated by carlosbull

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