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It’s been a while since I last told you about some of my shutter stories, so to make up for it, let me share with you some of my favorite sunrise and sunset photos so far and where I took them.

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Vigan Sunrises in Mindoro Beach, Heritage Village, and Vigan Cathedral

While I am more fond of sunsets than sunrises for some reason, I have also managed to capture some beautiful scenes of daybreak. I took the photos above during my visits to the historic city of Vigan. In the first two photos, I woke up to a beautiful morning during my stay in a Mindoro Beach resort, and just my luck, the sun has just risen. In the second and third photos, my travel companions and I arrived in town early in the morning, and decided to have a quick photowalk after breakfast while waiting for our hotel to allow us to check-in. I particularly like how the sunlight appears to be slowly fill the Heritage Village in the second photo.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Sunrise on the road

There are times during my travel that I would dare take film photos while on the road, and there was one instance where I managed to snap a few photos while still on the road by sunrise. The photos above, taken using a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim and Fuji Sensia 100, are rather surreal and dreamy, don’t you think? That’s it, I should take sunset photos like this more often during my travels.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Manila Bay Sunsets

Manila Bay has been one of the Philippine capital’s famous spots for its breath-taking sunsets. Both locals and tourists would flock to various spots around the bay and just stare at the setting sun and its majestic rays. Some would have a chat, but there are some, like me, who would just stay still and take in the whole scenery before me, taking photos every now and then. Above are some of the best sunset photos I’ve taken to date, all them charming in their own way.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Sunsets elsewhere in Manila

On random occasions where I have my film cameras with me while on my way somewhere, I will often stop and take photos if anything catches my fancy. In the first photo above, I was on a pedestrian overpass one late afternoon, crossing to the other side of the road, when I noticed that the sun was setting behind the cityscape. I wanted to freeze that moment so I can look at it over and over, and just my luck, I had my Nikon FE2 with me with some shots left from a roll of Fuji Press 800. It remains one of my favorite sunset photos to date.

The next three photos from the set above were taken during my second visit to the Manila Metropolitan Theater. If not for the free tours, I would never have gone inside the crumbling theater, let alone climb up to one of its highest spots and savor the view. Towards the end of the guided tour, we were taken up one of the theater’s verandas, where we stayed until sunset. It would be a waste to pass the chance to capture that particular sunset on slide film, so I took plenty. I love the pretty silhouettes I ended up with.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Kallang Indoor Stadium, Singapore

This particular sunset photo is rather “almost but not quite,” but I just had to put it here since it’s the closest to a sunset photo that I’ve taken out of the country for the first time. I was hanging out by the viewing decks of the Kallang Indoor Stadium, waiting for the venue to start letting people in for a concert. The sun was about to set, and I knew I had to be quick before it starts fading away before my own eyes. The result is the lovely silhouette of a Singaporean riverside skyline that I may not see again for a couple of years.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Sunset up in the clouds

The photos above marked another milestone in my pursuits as a part-time traveler: they are my first ever sunset photos taken on a plane. These are the reasons why I always, always pick the window seat whenever I travel—especially when I have to be several thousand feet up in the air on an afternoon flight.

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