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Lomography and FILTER Magazine teamed up to present a special collaboration! We provided several artists from the Culture Collide festival in Los Angeles some Lomography cameras and here is our ninth LomoAmigo from our Culture Collide LomoAmigo series!

Amsterdam based indie-outfit Moss quickly gained a widespread reputation of being one of the finest Dutch exports since they released their last album, Never Be Scared/Don’t Be A Hero. With Ornaments, the band has created a timeless and forward album. It was recorded on a tiny island in the North of Holland. Ornaments carries the sound of a cosmopolitan band, stuck on an island, truly devoted to crating timeless and unique music. Live audiences in Europe have seen the bands live shows grow bigger and the band deliver not just a standard rock show. With blazing lights, live images and animation movies they play strictly coordinated and playful live shows, always experimenting.

NAME: Moss
COUNTRY: Amsterdam
CAMERA: La Sardina & Flash DIY Edition

How long have you guys been Lomographers? How did you start?
We got La Sardina from you guys in August and we’ve been shooting with it since then.

How do you incorporate Lomography in your daily life?
We brought it along in our bag and bandvan to make sure we could capture the experience towards our gig on Hollands biggest festival.

What inspires you to make music and what inspires you to take photos?
Money and girls.

Describe the La Sardina in four words.
White. Nice. Wide-angle. Thing.

If you were to shoot your next album cover with the La Sardina, can you describe what the imagery would be like? (Subject, colors, themes, etc.)
Colorful landscapes and people.

If you could attach the La Sardina to any of your instruments, which one would you glue it to?
Probably any guitar we use.

What’s the strangest, funniest, hands-down greatest, or most “unusual” photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had?
Playing the Lowlands festival and pointing a small white analog camera at the crowd of 20,000 people!

Can you write a haiku/verse about your shooting experience?
Oh Thou white machine
Frames of live becoming still
Changes in sequence

What’s coming up on the horizon? New projects? What’s in the works and what’s on your mind?
Working on an album, more clubshows in Holland, gigs in the USA (New York, Los Angeles) and Iceland.

Any advice for Lomographers?
Point and shoot, but stay focussed.

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Moss Vlieland Sessions

Itching to create your own camera masterpiece? The La Sardina & Flash DIY Edition is just what you need! Write on it, draw, paint or glue something on it—this wide-angle wonder will let your imagination run free!

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  1. geegraphy
    geegraphy ·

    That photo of the guy's face with the drumsticks up his nose makes me strangely happy for some reason. I should prolly bookmark this so that when I'm sad, I'll just look at this photo and be happy again. No offense guys, you're a cool bunch. XD

  2. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @geegraphy Haha right? Their answers also offer a bit of comic relief ;-)

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