Singapore Children's Day


Children’s Day is celebrated in most all countries. Singapore celebrates it on the first Friday of October. Let’s jump on a swing and celebrate the children across the world and those in our lives on this special day.

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Children are often associated with their parents. Their habits, personalities, and interests direct results of their environment and often not 100% their own. Therefore, it’s not often grownups look to children for lessons in life even though the small package often packs wisdom beyond their years and an honesty that we spend years, as we grow older, working on replicating.

Severn Cullis-Suzuki's address to the Earth Summit in 1992, when she was 12 years old, is one of the many notable feats accomplished by a child and one that stands out to me owing to the passion and honesty transcended. I can’t quantify how much I learned from this video.

And the relevance of this speech to Children’s Day is that children are our future, and that our actions – progressive or harmful – set the stage for them. Therefore, let’s keep them in mind when we endeavor in projects involving our limited natural resources and things of the like.

In Singapore the day is commemorated on the first Friday of October, today. How will you celebrate with your nieces and nephews, younger siblings, students, with the inner child in you?

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So, Singapore, and the rest of the world, spend the day reflecting and brightening some child’s day! And check out our child (both owing to their small size and age) Lomography cameras!

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