Sorgenfri Castle and Castle Park


The park was founded in the 1700, inspired by the french baroque style. This is a very beautiful place full of mystique and hidden corners…

Sorgenfri Castle was build in 1705 and has been used by several danish kings and queens. Latest was Queen Caroline Amalie who lived there for 65 years. The castle is quite small and it is surrounded by a stable, the “ladies building” and the servants building. From a cave in park they build a secret underground corridor to get to the castle at night and to hide the servant when they had posh companies. In the garden there is placed a statue in memory of Caroline Amalie, a bench for the poet Viggo Stuckenberg and a stone for the women`s liberationists Gyrithe Lembecke.

The castle is surrounded by a 40 hectare big park founded in 1706, inspired by the french baroque with tree alleys and bushes. In the 1791 heir presumptive Prince Frederik changed the park from baroque into romantic English, landscapes inspired gardens and that’s the way it looks today. The park is absolutely stunning and you can easily spend lots of hours in there. Thought the park runs the small stream or river “Mølle Å” and divides the park into three “islands”, you can also rent a canoe and see the park from boat if you want. Seven bridges combines the 3 different “islands” of the park and all the “islands” are full of vegetation and it almost makes a forest or a jungle. The bridges are made from fallen trees in the park and together with the vegetation it makes the hole thing look all fairy tale kinda like. The park is rich on wild fowl, wild berries and hazelnuts, unfortunately you are not allowed to take anything from the bushes in there. But you are very much allowed to look…

Pay yourself a visit here, you wont regret. To get there take Train B from Copenhagen Central Station to Sorgenfri Station and then go to Kongevejen. You can also go to Lyngby Station if you want to rent a canoe. Go to Havnehytten, Rustenborgvej 21, Lyngby. It costs 375Dkr for a hole day, but you can also rent for only an hour or two if you want.

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