Workshop Highlights: '(S)witching Hour' Film Swap Workshop


With film, we have the opportunity to create endless possibilities. So at our (S)witching Hour Film Swap Workshop, we decided to switch things up and take multiple exposures to a whole new level! Using one roll of film in different cameras with completely different effects, the results are absolutely wicked!

Say it with us: “We have the power!”

Excitement was bubbling over as 20 Lomographers gathered to break the boundaries of analogue photography and explore new territory. When the (S)witching Hour arrived, we decided to create some magic of our own with a range of Lomography cameras! 5 different cameras – the Actionsampler, Pop 9, LC-A+, SuperSampler, and La Sardina – were thrown into mix and voila! Unpredictable crazy Lomographs! It’s really true. We have the power!

We totally rock!

Our dear Lomographers paired up and picked 2 cameras of their choice to carry out their film swap. Marrying the LC-A+ and La Sardina with our Multi-Lenses cameras has never been so fun! Amidst all the fun though, there were techniques involved in order to make it a successful marriage. Marking the film when loading it, being careful not to wind the film leader in when rewinding the film, and loading it properly so that the frames would match… all these were taught by Melissa, our lovely Store Representative, as the participants listened attentively, not wanting to miss a thing!

“Can you hear it? Is it done yet?” “Shh… the LC-A+ is talking to me!”

Taking multiple exposures to a whole new height, here are some mind-boggling shots taken by Lomographer Denzil as he works his mojo with the Actionsampler and the LC-A+!

Credits: kiang

After the (S)witching Hour, all of our participants were ecstatic to have been part of this magical workshop. Now that we know there’s a higher level to multiple exposures and film swaps, there’s only more fascinating enchantment waiting to be developed!

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