Midweek Movies: 5 Heist Movies to Watch

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So, have you managed to break any of the locks and run off with Lomography’s surprises? If you’re still figuring out how to unlock the safe, crack the code, or find the clues, here’s a quick list of heist movies you might want to watch to get into the mood. Are you ready?

A scene from The Killing, a 1956 noir/heist film directed by Stanley Kubrick. Photo via shotcontext.blogspot.com

Heist films are among the most popular film genres for their intricate plot and action-packed scenes. Film critics and movie buffs have been throwing some lists and recommendations on the best heist films here and there, and we thought of sharing the ones that often made it to the cut.

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Reservoir Dogs (1992)

One of Quentin Tarantino’s first and best known films, Reservoir Dogs depicts the events prior to and following a failed diamond heist. Six criminals who are strangers to each other were brought together by a crime boss to carry out the robbery. However, when things spiraled against their plans, the surviving members of the group begin to suspect that there is a police informant against their midst. The film does not follow the conventional three-act plot of heist movies, but it remains a favorite and a cult hit.

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The Killing (1956)

Speaking of Quentin Tarantino and non-linear narratives, another favorite among critics and heist film fans is Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing, which became a major influence for Tarantino and many other directors. The 1956 film noir was based off the novel Clean Break by Lionel White, and tells about a team of robbers who carry out an elaborate and daring race-track heist that goes wrong.

The Italian Job (2003)

A group of thieves had just orchestrated the perfect gold heist and getaway in Italy, only for one of them to betray the rest of the gang and leave them for dead. A year later, the team, sets up another elaborate gold heist, this time for for the payback from their former ally as well. While the 2003 film follows a different plot and features different characters from the 1963 British film of the same title, director F. Gary Gray described it as “a homage to the original.”

Inception (2010)

While possibly not your usual caper film about bank robberies and gold heists, Christopher Nolan’s Inception remains a favorite for many, heist film fans or not. The sci-fi/action heist film tells about the a group of thieves who infiltrate the subconscious of their targets and obtain information from them as they dream.

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Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Last but not the least, we have Ocean’s Eleven, the 2001 remake of 1960 comedy-crime film of the same title. It tells about a rather ambitious and complex plan of eleven thieves to rob three casinos simultaneously. Both the original and the remake boasted of star-studded casts, which most likely contributed to their critic’s favorite status and box office success.

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  1. joefrank
    joefrank ·

    I recently watched "The Killing," and it was awesome! I loved the fact that it was all on location and didn't have any of that sound stage feel that so many older black and white movies had.

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