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Pocotee works hard and plays hard for a living. Sometimes she would draw and paint silly pictures in order to release stress and boredom in her meager living. And what story has Pocotee crafted around the La Sardina DIY customization? We’ll spin it for you after the jump!

Pocotee with her “Pocotee Wonder Lomo”, her La Sardina DIY customization.

Why were you interested in the La Sardina DIY Project?

I love DIY anything by myself and make it a limited edition product. In addition, I’m crazy bout Lomography! I enjoyed the beauty of imperfection! Besides, La Sardina can shoot stunning street photos, create multiple-exposures in the flick of a switch and capture captivating night scenes in bulb mode. Nice one! Uh, and I love the flash! It’s big enough and look really cool!

What was your first impression of the La Sardina DIY?

When I heard its name, just make me think of Sardine, LOL. When I hold it with my hand, I feel it’s very solid and make me cant wait to insert film and start playing with it!

Could you tell us briefly about the theme of your La Sardina DIY customization? What’s the concept behind it?

I named it as “Pocotee Wonder Lomo”. Due maybe some people saw my creation, they will curious and wonder what is it? Is it a camera? Then you will use your hand to touch it and discover it.

Photo by Pocotee

Where do you usually go to, to get your inspiration?

Dreaming. Staying calm and it makes me get more inspirations.

What message are you hoping to convey with your finished La Sardina DIY artwork?

Think and play fancy with colors! Life is boring sometimes,
 so let’s color up this world and make it more vivid than people would have ever thought about it! I’m enjoy and having lots of fun DIY it!

Would you mind sharing some tips or thoughts with all the La Sardina DIY newbies?

Think out of the box and use various of method to DIY it and make it more out standing! Happy DIY-ing peeps! Woohoo!

Thanks for completing this interview with us on Lomography magazine.

If you would like to see Pocotee’s La Sardina and more stories on the customization process, you could visit her Facebook page to keep updated with her new artwork!

If you think Pocotee’s customization is awesome, help her to score a vote on the The Malaysia La Sardina DIY Project!

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  1. elishalls
    elishalls ·

    I would love see more special customized La Sardina DIY & Pocotee!

  2. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    @elishalls, perhaps you can check out her page for more lovely customisation! :)

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