Analogue Picks for the Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend


Hey Canada! The leaves are changing colours, there’s a chill in the air and the Thanksgiving Long Weekend is just around the corner. We hope you’ve got some time planned with family, friends and lots of pumpkin pie! Here are some ideas and some of our personal favourite picks when it comes to cameras and films to use when capturing those special moments that you’re grateful for!

Camera pick #1: The LC-Wide

The LC-Wide is a personal favourite of mine (and the Lomography Canada team!) and has always presented me with some of the best results I have ever had. You know those awkward self-shots where you hold the camera at arm’s length and take a shot of you and your friends or family, not really knowing if you’ve got everyone and everything in the frame? Well, the LC-Wide is the perfect remedy for that as the extreme wide angle on this camera will guarantee great results every time!

Credits: ashleyaang

Camera pick #2: The La Sardina

The brand new La Sardina 8-ball!

The La Sardina is one of the easiest Lomography cameras to use. This one not only comes with a wide-angle lens, but it also comes dressed in our widest variety of designs! Perhaps the 8-ball suits your fancy? Or maybe some of the eye-catching pattern editions? Be sure to check them all out at our online store to pick your favourite one.

Credits: feemail, i_fung & naddie

Camera Pick #3: The Diana F+

The Diana F+ Buttercup

One of Lomography’s classics, this medium format camera gives you those perfect vignettes for some vintage-looking shots. Whether it be for photographs of people or food or objects, the Diana F+ will present you with those not-so-perfect but memorable shots – light leaks and all!

Credits: hanat9651, mateusdalvesco, desibel & drumfire

Film Pick #1: Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm

We love funky effects and cool colours, and apparently so do you! This film was voted your favourite in our recent Analogue, Digital & You questionnaire – With the X-Pro Chrome, you never really know how it’ll result, but you’re bound to be surprised with the results. This film is the epitome of Lomography, high saturation, out-of-this-world colours.. Add some spunk to your Thanksgiving photos with this film!

Credits: ashleyaang, zakuson & maxwellmaxen

Film Pick #2: Lomography Redscale 100 120mm

Well, it’s Thanksgiving, it’s fall – What better film than redscale! Get those orange-y and reddish tones in your analogue photos with this fantastic film. Just a little added effect to make your Thanksgiving photos resonate the fall leaves and pumpkins!

Credits: nerdlab, hoopsy25 & fairish

Have a super Thanksgiving, Canada! Be sure to bring along your camera and stock up on film!

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