Lomo Amigo Amber Tamblyn's Lomo LC-A+ photos on David Cross' new book!


Amber Tamblyn’s photos featured as the front and back cover of David Cross’ new book!

While our amigo, Amber Tamblyn, was running around New York with her Lomo LC-A+ she took a few photos of David Cross that ended up as the front & back cover of David Cross’ new book, I Drink For A Reason!

Take a look!

written by alexandrak on 2009-09-24 #people #lomo-amigos #update #amber-tamblyn #david-cross #lomoamigo


  1. devrimarie
    devrimarie ·

    oh, fabulous, we have been selling this book like crazy at my bookstore, and we just did a signing with him.....wonderful photos!

  2. the_fstops_here
    the_fstops_here ·

    Huge fan - lomo on!

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