La Sardina DIY Project Artist - Yen Lim and her La Sardina DIY


Yen Lim is a hair designer who loves fashion, photography, and who enjoys her work so much! “Work hard, play even harder” would be Yen’s golden motto in life. And what story has Yen crafted around the La Sardina DIY customization? We’ll spin it for you after the jump!

Yen Lim with her “La Jeannine”, her La Sardina DIY customization.

Why were you interested in the La Sardina DIY Project?

Why not? I always love to DIY my clothing and I love Lomography too! So it’s amazing that I can actually play both at the same time together!

What was your first impression of the La Sardina DIY?

OMG! I could have own design on my camera! I just can’t wait to start customize it!

Could you tell us briefly about the theme of your La Sardina DIY customization? What’s the concept behind it?

Definitely jeans with studs. I think Lomography and jeans share a common philosophy, where it’s timeless and ages forever, so I choose jeans and a little decor of studs as the theme for my La Sardina customization project.

Photo by Yen Lim

Where do you usually go to, to get your inspiration?

Anywhere, everywhere! Inspiration never too far, it’s just stay in your mind so just keep on doing! The more you try, the more ideas will come!

What message are you hoping to convey with your finished La Sardina DIY artwork?

Life is always the opposite of imagination but somehow when out of the difficultly, miracles will come on it’s way. I failed two times when I first just started DIY on it, but I did not give up! Remember, never try never know!

Would you mind sharing some tips or thoughts with all the La Sardina DIY newbies?

Dare to try! Just do it whatever come first in your mind.

Thanks for completing this interview with us on Lomography magazine.

If you would like to see Yen Lim’s La Sardina and more stories on the customization process, you could visit her Facebook page to keep updated with her new artwork!

If you think Yen’s customization is awesome, help her to score a vote on the The Malaysia La Sardina DIY Project!

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